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  • Phone
    NV: (775) 831-5400 | CA: (530) 546-7376
  • Fax
    (775) 831-8909
  • Address
    120 State Route 28
    PO Box 1335
    Crystal Bay, NV 89402


    Heather Garayoa, General Manager

    Chris Rossborough, Assistant Manager

    Spencer Buffington, Marina & Amenities Manager

    Edgar Chavez, Maintenance & Grounds Manager

    Jessica Krupa, Office Assistant

    Resident Services:
    Ricardo Chavez, Specialist
    Ron Figueroa, Specialist
    Sam Navarro, Specialist

    Javier Chavez, Lead
    Sam Navarro, Assistant
    Ramon Navarro, Assistant

    Ian McLens, Lead

    (775) 831-5402

    Beach House:
    (775) 831-5404
    Executive Chef: Scott Yorkey