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  • Phone
    NV: (775) 831-5400 | CA: (530) 546-7376
  • Fax
    (775) 831-8909
  • Address
    120 State Route 28
    PO Box 1335
    Crystal Bay, NV 89402


    Heather Garayoa, General Manager

    Chris Rossborough, Assistant Manager

    Jessica Krupa, Office Assistant

    Spencer Buffington, Marina Supervisor

    Resident Services:
    Edgar Chavez, Supervisor
    Ricardo Chavez, Assistant
    Ron Figueroa, Assistant
    Sam Navarro, Assistant

    Javier Chavez, Supervisor
    Edgar Chavez, Assistant
    Sam Navarro, Assistant
    Jose Verduga, Assistant
    Ramon Navarro, Assistant

    Spencer Buffington, Supervisor
    Ian McLens, Assistant

    (775) 831-5402

    Beach House:
    (775) 831-5404
    Executive Chef: Scott Yorkey